How long before I will get some relief?

As soon as you have had your free consult and we have assessed where you are at and what it is we can offer in the form of assistance to and for you, we can start speaking with your creditors (as soon as your paperwork is submitted) which will mean that we will then be acting on your behalf, speaking to your creditors and doing whatever we can to relieve the pressure. You should start to feel the effect of this relief immediately.

Do I have to talk to the creditors   

No you don’t – you will be required to sign a document giving us access to speak as an authority on your account.  Once that document is signed then we take over managing the negotiations on your behalf.

Can I reduce my payments?

Sometimes you can. We look at each situation and provide a plan which may involve reduced payments, lower interest rates, or longer time to pay and then we negotiate this with your creditors.

How do you help?

The very first thing we do is take the pressure of all of your impending debts away from you, so you no longer need to worry about it. We do this by acting on your behalf, when speaking with the debtors, working out your actual situation and working as a middle person between you and the financial institution.

What about my Credit Rating?

If your credit listing has not been affected before you come and see us – then we will work with you to do all we can to make sure it isn’t affected! What we will ask you to do if you havn’t already is get a free Veda Advantage report – so you know exactly where you stand and if you have been listed with a mark against your name. if you have been listed unfairly – we will work with you to clear your credit rating.

I have no money, can you help?

We are more than happy to speak with you about your individual situation – and see what we can do to help, in short however, the answer for the most part is yes.

Should I go bankrupt?   

Going bankrupt strangely enough is a pretty expensive thing to do, not only do you need to pay for the privilege but you also then get black listed for 7 years which can have some serious consequences for you.

What if I have received a letter from a solicitor?

You can still contact us, while we may not be able to help you, we may be able to direct you to someone who can.

Why use Debt Angels?

If you are stuck and don’t feel like there is a way out of your situation, if you feel as though you are chasing your tail and not getting anywhere, in fact feel as if you are going backwards, if you are frustrated and unmotivated, don’t have any money or are living in credit and are horrified at the amount of interest you are paying monthly, we can help.

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What Others Have To Say About Debt Angels

"I have referred many of my clients to Debt Angels to sort out their debt & credit woes and what a service. Kitty and her team handle this touchy subject with such understanding and professionalism, making a really difficult time so much easier for those wanting a little breathing space from their debtors. Debt angels have been absolutely indispensable to my clients, completely changing their financial futures and helping them create something positive out of a negative situation.

− Bessie Bardot
Bubble Media

"Incredible service, fast results, Kitty has done wonders for my clients. I highly recommend Kitty's wonderful service, Debt Angels, for anyone who wants to move forward positively."

− Geoff Barker

"Thank goodness for Kitty Thomas and Debt Angel services. I was drowning in debt and did not ever see a light at the end of the tunnel. Debt Angels has taken control of everything and I see light at the end of the tunnel in the very near future. A life saver!"

− Jenni Ryan

"After moving to Prague and starting work there, I found myself unable to keep with payments on my Australian credit cards. The bills were getting out of control and I was totally freaking out, until I contacted Debt Angels. Kitty has so far helped get my debt back under control, got the banks off my back, and saved me a whole lot of money in the process. If you're losing sleep because of debt, I totally recommend contacting Debt Angels for some peace of mind.

− Peter Vesely

"Physical Tightness relaxed in my chest as I read them....
Funny, I didn't realise how stressed I was about this debt.
What an amazing service!"

− SP

"Do you have special magic powers? I was so close to be #$c^k and I didn't realise. You have really saved my life. Thanks mate."

− Margaret

"Dear Kitty
I’ve just re-read your email for the 10th time telling me I have zero interest to pay and nothing to pay for 6 whole months. Oh My bloody God, that is simply brilliant. You have not given me breathing room, like you initially promised (which I was more than happy to have by the way)…. Kitty, you’ve given me new lungs to breathe and space to create my life again. The looming debt, just making minimum payments was depressing, heavy and a terrible burden in my way that I was not overcoming and losing the battle with. You really are a Debt Angel and I am not going to waste this opportunity to sort out my finances and my life. I am so grateful to you and your team for this space.
On behalf of my young daughter and myself
Thank you so very very much"

− Anne xxx
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