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Are you blinded by your debt?

Do you hold your breath every time the phone rings?
Do you point blank refuse to answer a private number?
Do you feel like you are being bullied when financial institutions are chasing their money?
Do you feel helpless? hopeless? or are you thinking of going bankrupt?
If you answered YES to 1 or more of these questions… we can help!


Debt Angels knows your pain, as we have been through excruciating financial situations personally more than once in our careers and as such we have found a way to step in and help you get things back on track, so you can be free to continue living and to go back out into the world with your head held high!


The five steps that will get you back on track and out of debt stress.

Everyone’s situation is unique – not only in terms of debt, creditors, urgency – but in how we get you back on track and keep you on track. These are the different steps we will guide you through as we help solve your challenges – individually adjusted for every client and every situation.

Contact Free Consult

You contact us and we arrange a free consultation. Consultations are usually done via skype, or phone, but in some cases we can meet face to face.

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Communicate and Consult Clarity

In the free consult, you tell us about your situation. We need to first understand how you got into your current situation and what resources you may have to get out of it.

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Assess and Advise Free Debt Assessment

Once we understand your situation, we will assess and advise a potential way to move forward. The initial strategy will focus on getting you back on track and provide some immediate relief.

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Step in, Mediate, Update Back on track, Breathing Space

We contact your creditor and let them know we are acting on your behalf. We will discuss with them the situation, step in and mediate any immediate issues that may be required.

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Maintain, Negotiate, Finalise Keep on Track, Discharged

Once the relationship with the creditor is back on track, we work with you to maintain the relationship, to keep things on track, and achieve a finalisation of the debt.

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    Creditors talk with us, not you
    Save money and reduce payments
    Have someone in your Corner
    Have more time to pay
    Breathing space

Other Benefits Include:

    Relieve the stress
    Reduce & Combine Repayments
    Write Off what you can’t afford
    Stop the Harassing Calls
    Freeze Interest
    Clear Headspace
    Protect your Credit Rating
    Save thousands in Interest
    Reduced Payments

oh my little heart

“Oh My Little Heart”

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My whole life my mother has told me, that as a mother (parent) you never stop worrying about your kids, no matter how old they are. I have to admit, I wasn’t really sure what that meant and the true depth of that statement before I had my own children. Remembering back to being pregnant with MY LITTLE KING 10 years ago, that worry actually began in utero. I remember while he was in my belly, I would worry if everything was ok. I couldn’t feel him, nor hear his heart beating, so I would hold out for the monthly…

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What Others Have To Say About Debt Angels

"I have referred many of my clients to Debt Angels to sort out their debt & credit woes and what a service. Kitty and her team handle this touchy subject with such understanding and professionalism, making a really difficult time so much easier for those wanting a little breathing space from their debtors. Debt angels have been absolutely indispensable to my clients, completely changing their financial futures and helping them create something positive out of a negative situation.

− Bessie Bardot
Bubble Media

"Incredible service, fast results, Kitty has done wonders for my clients. I highly recommend Kitty's wonderful service, Debt Angels, for anyone who wants to move forward positively."

− Geoff Barker

"Thank goodness for Kitty Thomas and Debt Angel services. I was drowning in debt and did not ever see a light at the end of the tunnel. Debt Angels has taken control of everything and I see light at the end of the tunnel in the very near future. A life saver!"

− Jenni Ryan

"After moving to Prague and starting work there, I found myself unable to keep with payments on my Australian credit cards. The bills were getting out of control and I was totally freaking out, until I contacted Debt Angels. Kitty has so far helped get my debt back under control, got the banks off my back, and saved me a whole lot of money in the process. If you're losing sleep because of debt, I totally recommend contacting Debt Angels for some peace of mind.

− Peter Vesely

"Physical Tightness relaxed in my chest as I read them....
Funny, I didn't realise how stressed I was about this debt.
What an amazing service!"

− SP

"Do you have special magic powers? I was so close to be #$c^k and I didn't realise. You have really saved my life. Thanks mate."

− Margaret

"I was referred to Kitty by a friend after realising it was time for an SOS - I was in a bad place financially, in the middle of a divorce, working for myself and juggling a part-time role, 2 young kids and an acquired lifestyle I was trying to keep up with it was a recipe for disaster. I never doubted there was a way out but my head was so fuzzy I couldn’t think straight to map the path. After chatting with Kitty and engaging her services I found the headspace and clarity to think straight. Kitty was able to buy me time in the first instance to work through my financials and remind myself I could get through. The most amazing part of Kitty’s service aside from her caring and warm nature was her ability to negotiate with creditors on my behalf with huge success!

It was a process and it hasn’t been easy but it has been so much easier with the help, initiative and care from Kitty and her team. Forever grateful!"

− Karen R
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